5 Ways To Use Shower Screens In Your Home

5 Ways To Use Shower Screens In Your Home

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived, the perfect way to make your mornings a little more refreshing would be to install shower screens in your bathroom. Not only do they make things look nicer by hiding the clutter inside your shower and providing you with some privacy while bathing, but they also come with plenty of benefits to help improve your life at home. If you’re unsure about whether or not it’s time to invest in this beautiful bathroom accessory, here are five ways shower screens can improve your life.

1) Living room privacy

The most popular use of shower screens is as living room privacy solutions. Whether you’re looking to add a layer of privacy between your kitchen and living room, or you’re simply looking for a decorative way to keep bathroom smells from permeating your home, shower screens are a practical solution. You can even create custom dividers using fabric and transparent film.

2) Bedroom privacy

While you don’t need a screen for your shower, installing one can make your life significantly more comfortable. For example, if you live with a partner, putting up a shower screen can give you complete privacy when bathing or rinsing off after exercising. The many different styles available also mean you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics. You can find high-quality screens that match your bathroom’s décor perfectly. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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3) Half-bathroom privacy

Nobody wants to share their bathroom, so why make your guests endure a combined living room/bedroom/kitchen? Put up a shower screen (or separate walls) and convert your half-bath into an actual half-bathroom. Not only will you give yourself some privacy from company, but also from family members. It’s like having two bathrooms all for yourself. A great way to utilize space and keep things sanitary.

4) Kitchen privacy

Do you like your morning coffee or tea, but hate having your family watch you sip it while they’re still lounging around? Do you often want a hot shower in peace without your roommates asking why you’re taking so long? Or do you just want more privacy while showering, but don’t want to put up with using curtains or towels over a standard glass door? A shower screen can help.

5) Guest bathroom privacy

While you’re investing in shower screens to give your bathroom a facelift, it’s easy to forget that they have practical uses as well. If you have a guest bathroom, or if you find yourself needing some extra privacy while getting ready or showering each day, install a glass shower screen and get ready for compliments. A lot of people don’t think of using shower screens in their homes, but they can really add an elegant touch to any space.